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Client Management

We serve as the main point of contact between your business and our network of homes, creating opportunities for you to expand your business.

Task Detail
Get New Leads

Get New Leads!

Our homeowners are always looking for well qualified service providers to enhance their homeownership experience. We can connect you with our customers to increase your revenue and consistently get more business in the door.

Quick Payment

A dedicated member of our team who works directly with homeowners will ensure you get your digital payment fast.

Quick Payment
Seamless scheduling

Seamless Scheduling

Our home management team will coordinate and schedule appointments with you directly.

"Working with property managers or GC's directly can be tough for smaller players. We have constrained resources and are working on razor thin margins. Humming Homes was a true intermediary between us and the homeowner and helped us get paid fast!"

John Parks
Landscaper, Connecticut

"We decided to work with Humming Homes because we are an up and coming business and needed to establish some new clients. I like working with Humming Homes because they are easy to work with and I have a good relationship with the project manager. It is helping us grow from a small company and create new business."

Thomas Hegmann
Plumber, New York

"I recommend Humming Homes, it helps homeowners save money on home repairs, and it's easier for them to find a reliable, honest contractor. It helps us get business - it connects us with homeowners."

Darrin Marks
General Contractor, New York

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