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A local’s guide to Bridgehampton, NY

Adeel Mallick

Thinking of buying, renting or spending a weekend out east in Bridgehampton? We’ve put together some context to help you better get to know this charming part of the Hamptons. Best known for its prominent equestrian scene, Bridgehampton, NY is a quaint, rural hamlet in the heart of the Hamptons. The Hamptons Classic, a world-renowned horse show, is held here, attracting equestrians and spectators from all over the globe. Its bucolic, peaceful feel, combined with its sporting culture, makes it an ideal setting for those in search of an easy lifestyle filled with pastoral scenes and outdoor activity.

Vacation and homeowner destination

It’s not just horse-riding enthusiasts who flock to Bridgehampton — the hamlet is a top choice among vacationers looking to recharge and spend time in nature. Bridgehampton boasts a number of recreational activities that suit a wide variety of tastes. If you’re looking to rent or purchase real estate in the Hamptons, or you’re just visiting the area, keep reading to learn more about the best things to do in Bridgehampton.

Check out the town’s museums

Bridgehampton is rich with culture, featuring a number of museums for art aficionados and history buffs alike. Don’t skip out on Dia Bridgehampton (also known as the Dan Flavin Art Institute), a Dia Art Foundation-run establishment that features an eclectic collection of modern and contemporary art, consisting most notably of Dan Flavin’s fluorescent light works. The White Room Gallery, located on Main Street, is also a must-see. Established in 2015, the gallery is home to pieces across a variety of visual art forms (including photography, sculptures, and paintings) from both established and up-and-coming artists.

History enthusiasts should check out the Bridgehampton Museum, an institute dedicated to showcasing the expansive history and traditions of the hamlet. The museum consistently hosts lectures, events, and more for those interested in diving deep into the history of Bridgehampton.

Families with children will enjoy the Children’s Museum of East End and the South Fork Natural History Museum and Nature Center, both of which provide ample educational opportunities for kids via special programs, exhibits, and activities.

Tour Bridgehampton’s pristine natural scenery

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss out on in Bridgehampton, it’s soaking up the town’s myriad natural landscapes. Head to Bridge Gardens, a 5-acre botanical garden owned by the Peconic Land Trust, and explore the vibrant array of shrubs, flowers, vegetable beds, trees, and more. Or, if you prefer a less refined experience, check out the Long Pond Greenbelt, a nature preserve spanning 600 acres and consisting primarily of coastal ponds. It’s home to countless rare species of flora and fauna, making it ideal for wildlife biology enthusiasts.

When you’re ready to stretch out and relax, take a drive to the coast. Though Bridgehampton isn’t explicitly known for its waterfront like other Hamptons towns, such as Sag Harbor and Montauk, that fact only adds to the appeal of the hamlet’s beaches. Mecox Beach and Ocean Road Beach offer locals and vacationers a serene, idyllic environment, perfect for a relaxing beach day.

Indulge in the local gastronomy

Bridgehampton reigns supreme when it comes to delivering a high-quality, laid-back Hamptons experience — and its restaurants are a testament to that. Crowd favorites like French bistro Almond Restaurant and Armin and Judy focus on serving top-notch, comforting fare, often made with locally sourced ingredients. After a meal at one of these restaurants, head to Channing Daughters Winery for a tasting — and make sure to pick up a bottle before you leave!

Outside of restaurants, you can head to one of the local markets, such as Round Swamp Farm, to buy freshly-baked goods, fresh produce, and other foods prepared on-site.

And of course, head to the Hamptons Classic!

If you’re in town on Labor Day, you can’t miss the Hamptons Classic Horse Show. This week-long contest dates back to the 1900s; today, it’s a major social event enjoyed annually by many. Check out a jumping event or two, grab lunch at the spectator food court, then head to the Boutiques Garden to browse what’s for sale. There’s also a children’s area for your kids to enjoy.

There’s no shortage of things to see and enjoy in relaxing, idyllic Bridgehampton, New York!

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