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A Homebuyer's Guide to Hamptons Neighborhoods

Adeel Mallick

Though the Hamptons are often referred to as a singular entity, each Hamptons hamlet features its own unique local culture, atmosphere, and amenities. If you’re a first-time homebuyer looking to buy a Hamptons home but you’re not sure where to start your search, read our guide below about each of the 15 Hamptons hamlets to get a sense of which would be the right fit for you (from west to furthest east!).

1. Westhampton

Approximate distance from NYC: 78 Miles - 1 hour 35 minutes by car

Median home price: $1,512,500

This westernmost Hamptons hamlet will appeal to homebuyers looking for a more low-key Hamptons experience. It’s primarily a residential neighborhood, with highly-rated schools and a laid-back, quiet environment. One big perk of buying a home in Westhampton? It’s relatively affordable compared to other Hamptons neighborhoods. The homes are also varied in architectural style, so whether you’re looking for something modern or more classic, you’ll be able to find a place that suits your tastes. Make sure to check out the local Farmers Market Farm Stand for fresh produce and other high-quality, fresh foods.

2. Quogue

Approximate distance from NYC: 84 miles - 1 hour 38 minutes by car

Median home price: $1,512,500

This beautiful beach town has a quaint, historic feel that its residents are intent on preserving. Many of its homes are Victorian in style, but the neighborhood also features contemporary architecture. Despite the stunning beaches, it remains relatively quiet and peaceful. Quogue’s main draw is its stunning natural offerings, like the Quogue Wildlife Refuge and the Quogue Village Dock, where locals go to catch crab and fish.

3. East Quogue

Approximate distance from NYC: 83 miles - 1 hour 37 minutes by car

Median home price: $1,512,500

East Quogue isn’t your typical glamorous Hamptons neighborhood: it’s known primarily for its fishing and affordable real estate. You’ll find laid-back cafes and shops during the day; at night, however, you’ll find a lively party scene near the waterfront. It’s not a vacation destination, so residents can enjoy fewer tourists relative to other hamlets.

4. Hampton Bays

Approximate distance from NYC: 86 miles - 1 hour 41 minutes by car

Median home price: $680,000

This hamlet boasts some of the most affordable real estate in the Hamptons. Another neighborhood with a relaxed feel, Hampton Bays is most known for its scenic beauty and its fishing. The local community is diverse, with both year-round and summer residents, and the homes are modestly priced, although home prices climb as you get further from town and closer to the waterfront. There are lots of things to do in the neighborhood: Favorite restaurants include Sundays on the Bay, Cowfish, and Oakland’s, and water sports are popular here.

5. Southampton Village

Approximate distance from NYC: 92 miles - 1 hour 53 minutes by car

Median home price: $3,975,000

This luxurious village is the oldest Hamptons community. Southampton Village oozes with prestige, from its stunning mansions to traditional, refined style. Residents tend to be year-round, and the community is made up of prominent, successful people. Enjoy an array of high-end shops, cultural institutions (such as the Southampton Historical Museum), and restaurants. Its white sand beaches include but are not limited to the famous Coopers Beach. Southampton Village is perfect for those looking for luxury living, a thriving community, and a slow pace.

6. North Sea

Approximate distance from NYC: 93 miles - 1 hour 53 minutes by car

Median home price: $1,150,000

Bordering Peconic Bay, this sleepy, relaxed hamlet is perfect for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the Hamptons but avoid the “scene”. Its residents benefit from privacy and a slow, comfortable pace of life. Along North Sea Road, you can find restaurants, delis, and more local businesses.

7. Sag Harbor

Approximate distance from NYC: 102 mile - 2 hours by car

Median home price: $1,537,000

This old whaling town boasts tons of history, with a genuine, historic charm that both locals and vacationers enjoy. Sag Harbor appeals to a variety of groups: those looking for a quiet, daytime experience will enjoy its boating and cultural opportunities, while the nightlife-focused crowd will enjoy a vibrant party scene. There’s no shortage of local amenities, from antique shops, to waterfront restaurants, to museums, and more. 

8. Water Mill

Approximate distance from NYC: 96 miles - 1 hour 51 minutes by car

Median home price: $3,250,000

Home to the first watermill in New York State, today, this charming community is home to luxury real estate and high-profile residents. In 2010, Water Mill was listed as the 14th most expensive zip code in the country. It boasts a bustling cultural scene, with artistic institutions such as the Watermill Center and the Parrish Art Museum. Notable figures who either have lived in or frequented Water Mill include Jennifer Lopez, Matt Lauer, Richard Gere, and Kelly Ripa. This neighborhood is perfect for those who crave both luxury and a quiet feel. 

9. Bridgehampton

Approximate distance from NYC: 97 miles - 2 hours by car

Median home price: $3,250,000

Bridgehampton is perhaps best known for its equestrian scene. Once a potato farming community, Bridgehampton is now a high-end, rural neighborhood with stunning outdoor attractions. It’s largely a peaceful neighborhood, but once a year on Labor Day, the Hamptons Classic Horse Show takes place here and attracts equestrians and horse-riding enthusiasts from all over the globe. Those who love outdoor activity will thrive here, with Bridgehampton’s wildlife preserves, coastal flora and fauna, and idyllic beaches.

10. Sagaponack

Approximate distance from NYC: 100 miles - 2 hours by car

Median home price: $3,250,000

Also once a potato farming community, Sagaponack is now home to an array of ultra-wealthy residents, with property values on par with those in Bridgehampton. A bucolic and exclusive neighborhood, it’s home to stunning grand mansions but fewer amenities than some of the more vibrant Hamptons neighborhoods. Enjoy the picturesque Wolffer Estate Vineyard, Sagg Main Beach, and Sagaponack’s general stunning landscapes.

11. Wainscott

Approximate distance from NYC: 100 Miles - 2 hours 5 minutes by car

Median home price: $1,390,000

Another farming community, Wainscott is one of the Hamptons’ most expensive communities in terms of real estate. It borders Georgica Pond, and many homes are surrounded by seemingly never ending fields. The Montauk Highway runs through town, and the surrounding area is where most local businesses can be found. The East Hampton Airport is also nearby, which provides a local transportation hub for tourists.

12. Northwest Harbor

Approximate distance from NYC: 107 miles - 2 hours 15 minutes by car

Median home price: $1,390,000

Located in the town of East Hampton, this hamlet gets its name from being located to the northwest of East Hampton Village. This quaint neighborhood doesn’t offer the hustle and bustle that more prominent Hamptons neighborhoods do; it’s the perfect area for those who prefer walks through the woods, bike rides, or afternoons spent at quiet beaches. One of the hamlet’s main attractions is Northwest Harbor County Park, a shoreline park where many locals go to fish.

13. East Hampton Village

Approximate distance from NYC: 104 miles - 2 hours 15 minutes by car

Median home price: $3,297,500

Known for its many high-profile residents, East Hampton is a prominent vacation destination with a bustling social scene. With luxury real estate, high-end dining, major social events, and gorgeous beaches, East Hampton is a magnet for high society. It’s a busy neighborhood in the summer and has less of a year-round community than some of its Hamptons counterparts.

14. Amagansett

Approximate distance from NYC: 107 miles - 2 hours 10 minutes by car

Median home price: $3,005,005

This coastal paradise boasts an authentic feel and stunning beaches that are known for their tranquility and serenity. Amagansett boasts a welcoming, communal feel without any pretense, as well as a mix of old-school and modern architecture. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the Amagansett National Wildlife Refuge and the Atlantic Double Dunes Preserve, while those looking to sit back and relax will enjoy afternoons in Amagansett Square or at Indian Wells Beach.

15. Montauk

Approximate distance from NYC: 118 miles - 2 hours 30 minutes by car

Median home price: $1,600,000

Arguably the most well-known hamlet in the Hamptons, Montauk is a trendy, popular vacation destination that manages to perfectly blend a dynamic nightlife scene with a calm, beachy lifestyle. Those looking to avoid the party scene can still find things to do, with ample local opportunities for surfing, golfing, horseback riding, and more. There are also iconic historical landmarks, such as the Montauk Point Lighthouse. It’s a perfect oasis for those seeking out a second home to enjoy fun-filled, vibrant summers.

Each of these picturesque hamlets boasts its own unique culture and history; in the Hamptons, you’re sure to find a neighborhood that will suit your tastes and lifestyle.

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