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4 Ways to Find Trusted Home Service Providers in The Hamptons

Adeel Mallick

When looking for home services providers for your Hamptons residence, it’s not advisable to just hire the first providers that you come across. Your home is your most valuable asset, so it’s crucial to do due diligence. 

With a seemingly endless number of providers, however, you may be feeling overwhelmed and not know where to start. To help, we’ve compiled a list of 5 ways that you can find trusted service providers in the Hamptons area that can help manage your home.

Using Humming Homes

Finding service providers that can be trusted can be a stressful and arduous process, especially if you need to find multiple providers for an array of household tasks and management services. The list of potential needs goes on: plumbing, winterization, pool maintenance, tree trimming, roof repairs, and more. The most frictionless way to find trusted, vetted service providers in the Hamptons is to opt for a dedicated, comprehensive home management service. 

At Humming Homes, we partner with a number of trustworthy, highly-rated service providers and vendors that have extensive experience in delivering a wide array of home management and repair services. 

Additionally, we provide clients with a dedicated home manager to manage all service providers and vendors, with the guarantee that they will treat your home with the utmost care. 

By using a home management service like Humming Homes, you can benefit from access to an extensive network of vetted, high-quality vendors for all types of services. 

Asking your close network

If you have a network of close friends and family in the Hamptons, you can ask them for recommendations for any service providers that they have used who have done good work.

Conversely, you can ask them if there is anyone they have worked with that you should stay away from. This will ensure that you are getting recommendations from people whose judgment you trust.

However, make sure that there is no bias in any of the recommendations you are getting — for example, if a friend recommends a service provider that is owned by a family member of hers, you may want to do extra due diligence. In any case, asking around for suggestions or words of caution from people who you trust is a good way to get a sense of which service providers in your area are worth hiring.

Looking at online reviews

Going through online reviews is a great way to get a sense of which service providers in your area are worth talking to and which ones you should steer clear of. While going to your network is a great jumping-off point, consulting online reviews is also helpful because they represent a broader base of people who have used a service.

Angie’s List is one of the top review sites for those looking for handyman, contractor, and general home services. A bonus with Angie’s list is that their reviews are verified. A company’s Google Business listing will also likely have service ratings and reviews.

Additionally, you may want to consult social media sites such as Yelp, Facebook, and NextDoor to see what people in your area are saying about specific vendors and providers.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a foolproof method, as some bad reviews may consist of hyperbolic descriptions from a few upset consumers, and there are likely a large number of happy customers who didn’t think to post a review.

However, these reviews can serve as a good rule of thumb — if a business has many negative reviews, they’re likely not worth pursuing. A lot of good reviews may mean you will want to check them out.

Getting recommendations from home improvement stores

You can also get service provider recommendations by consulting service provider lists from your local home improvement or appliance stores, such as Home Depot.

A potential downside to this is that while these stores have many relationships with service providers, these partnerships are also beneficial to these stores — for example, they may receive an advertising fee from the provider. While this doesn’t mean that the provider isn’t trustworthy, it’s best to supplement these recommendations with thoughts from family and friends or with online reviews.

For a streamlined home management process that affords you access to a network of trusted, vetted vendors, check out Humming Homes today.

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