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14 DIY Storage Ideas For Your Home

Adeel Mallick

There’s little more satisfying than a well-organized, decluttered home — but the prospect of home improvement and organization can seem daunting, especially if you’re taking it on yourself. When you break it down, however, the process looks extremely manageable: it’s all about taking small steps and focusing on improving specific “zones” in your home.

To help you better organize key areas of your home and maximize unused space, we’ve compiled a list of 14 DIY storage tips, all of which are easy to implement yourself! These storage solutions will help to create a comfortable, relaxing home environment.

Improve organization

  1. Arrange cookware: We’ve all had, at one point or another, unorganized kitchen cabinets full of unseemly stacks of pans, dishes, and bowls. Instead of piling them on top of each other, store them sideways: Use vertical organizer racks to store glass dishes, baking sheets, and more. This will make your cookware easier to sort through and access.
  2. Sort Tupperware: Level up your Tupperware storage game and never again deal with lost lids. Get clear storage bins or pull-out cabinet drawers to better organize your Tupperware collection — one bin or drawer should be for small tubs, one for big tubs, one for lids, and so on. You can then tuck these away in a kitchen cabinet.
  3. Label frequently-used dry ingredients: Instead of trying to sift through a hodge-podge of ingredients when cooking, come up with a labeling system. Get a set of mason jars (enough to store all of your frequently-used ingredients, such as flour, oats, grains, seeds, nuts, and any spices) and label them using a glass marker or a label maker. Transfer ingredients from the packaging to the jars and store them on an easy-to-reach shelf or counter for easy access when cooking! This will also give your cooking station a more streamlined, contemporary look and feel.
  4. Create DIY towel storage: If you don’t have enough space in your linen closet or cabinets for towel storage, there are plenty of ways to store them in the bathroom without giving the bathroom a cluttered feel. One functional, modern way is to store them on a ladder towel rack that you can lean against the wall. You can even opt to store them on a stylish bar cart; put decorative items on the top tier, hand towels on the middle tier, and bath towels on the bottom tier.
  5. Add shower storage: Minimize any clutter in the shower with waterproof suction bins. These are especially useful to store childrens’ bath toys!
  6. Tuck away power cords: Got tons of power cables that you just don’t know how to store? Here’s an easy way that will ensure you never have to untangle cords again. Store them in an over-the-door shoe organizer, putting cables of a certain type into each slot — laptop chargers in one, USB cables in another, and so on. Put the organizer over a closet door so they remain unseen but easily accessible.
  7. Streamline closets: Is your closet overflowing? Get a garment rack to help declutter your closet without throwing pieces away or storing them under the bed. An open rack can be a lovely decorative addition to your room; feature your favorite pieces or items that match the room’s color scheme. Color code them for an even more elegant look!

Optimize unused space

  1. Clean up drawer clutter: Instead of stuffing toiletries, jewelry, or other items into drawers, use drawer dividers to better sort your products. If you’re using drawer dividers in the bathroom, opt for acrylic partitions instead of wood or fabric, since they’re water-resistant, transparent, and easy to clean.
  2. Utilize space above kitchen cabinets: If you have some empty space above your kitchen cabinets, make the most of it! Measure how much vertical space you have to work with and purchase a set of baskets that will fit in the space. You can then store things up there that you don’t need to access on a day-to-day basis.
  3. Mount cookware: To improve access and minimize drawer clutter, consider hanging some of your cookware and utensils. Some examples are hanging your measuring spoons on a hook, mounting a magnetized bar against your backsplash to hold your knives, and mounting a rail to store your pots and pans
  4. Maximize under-sink storage: If you have wasted vertical space in the base cabinet under your kitchen or bathroom sink, fit a tension rod lengthways within the cabinet to maximize that space. This will allow you to better store your spray bottles by hanging them over the rod, freeing up space below for other items.
  5. Make the most of bathroom cabinet space: Do you have unused vertical space in your bathroom cabinets? Use clear, stackable jars to hold your cotton swabs, cotton balls, Epsom salts, and more. If your cabinets are deep but not tall, use a lazy susan to store your skincare products, makeup, and hair care items so you don’t have to empty out the cabinet to find what you need.
  6. Install floating shelves: Not enough cabinet space in the bathroom? Invest in floating shelves. They’re minimal, sturdy, and perfect for small spaces. Store any small items on them, from toiletries to hand towels.
  7. Put up above-door shelves: If you’re running out of wall and storage space but need a way to discreetly store your belongings, consider mounting shelves above the door frames in your home. This is a great way to store items in an inconspicuous way while leveraging your home’s vertical space.

These storage tips will get you well on your way to transforming and decluttering your home. Interestingly enough, we at Humming Homes work with our homeowners frequently on storage and organization projects, so if you own a home out east, give us a shout!

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