We’re re-inventing the way people manage homes

Owning a home can feel overwhelming. Once you get the keys, there’s a host of responsibilities, maintenance needs, improvements to navigate, and countless tasks you didn’t realize. There’s only so much you can ask your neighbors.


Our mission

Humming Homes is reimagining how you manage your home. We’re your full-service homeownership partner, guiding you through the transition from renting and helping you understand (and knock out) the responsibilities of homeownership. We are here every big or little step of the way. Whether it’s your daily to-dos and regular maintenance, having someone check in on your house while you’re out of town, or overhauling your HVAC.

To do so, we’ve combined dedicated in-person home management with a seamless digital experience to provide a single point of contact for all your home’s needs. We utilize data and insights to avoid reactive and expensive home maintenance issues, but we’re here 24/7 just in case something does come up.

We’re on a mission to make homeownership easier and more enjoyable. We’d love it if you invited us in.

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